Dr Vagari means an 'Expert Vagabond'. Started in 2016 as a concept by Ashwin Raphaƫl Singh to serve the needs of adventurous people, the idea of smaller independent groups made it a roaring success. If you are looking for some joyous and thrilling moments in your holidays/getaways, Dr Vagari will make it happen.




Termed as a 'miracle boy', surviving a horrific motorbike accident that left him on the verge of a severe disability or even death, Ashwin fought his way up the ladder, establishing himself as a budding philanthropist, an accomplished engineer and a successful para-athlete. It was on the 31st of December. 2015, a few moments just before New Year that he had a vision and a calling to serve those in need. With no experience, he found himself rather helpless and sought to pray. Slowly he could feel and experience God's helping hand in sorting out everything and equipping himself to inspire those in need. A La Mez stands short for 'A La Maison' which in French means 'The Home'. A La Mez is a home of hope and support for the homeless and the needy.